D.F.C.A. History

1961 Ken Depoe formed a fly tying club at Donegal High School.
1961-65 Stream work started with students and members of the fly tying club.
1965 1st organizational meeting of “Donegal Fish and Conservation Association.
1965 Trout nursery started as a fly tying club project.
1966 By Laws were written.
1966 “Education for Conservation” article written by Ken Depoe for “PA Angler” magazine.
1966 "Call of the Outdoors” with Harry Alleman featured continuing work on the Donegal Creek.
1966 First Sportsman's Show held at Donegal High School. It has been a continuing success and has benefited from personal appearances by many famous anglers and authors. Lefty Kreh, Leon Chandler, Ed Koch, Dr Jim Gilford, Dave Romeo and Bob Clouser are just a few of the many who donated their time to help the D.F.C.A.
1967 Nursery becomes a cooperative nursery with the PFBC.
1967 “Fly Fishing Only” section established on the Donegal Creek. First in Lancaster County.
1967 Governor Shafer visits the project on Donegal Creek and is made an honorary life member of the club.
1972 Hurricane Agnes does considerable damage to stream improvement projects.
1996 First fishing derby for children under 12 years of age held on the Donegal Creek.
1996 A federal grant was given to D.F.C.A. to restore and improve the Donegal Creek to its original state. Over 7 miles of stream bank fencing has been erected. Read more...
1999 Pennsylvania's first nonpoint source TMDL (total maximum daily load) was written for the Donegal Creek.
Additional History of the Donegal Creek Watershed
  Early Names: Meeting House Run, Donegal run
1721 Congregation of Donegal Presbyterians formed.
1804 Sharer's Donegal Grist Mill constructed. Prior to this construction there was an older mill and tavern at this location. 
1830 Donegal/Marietta Grist Mill constructed. (Kraybill's Mill) 
1837 Oakland's Grist Mill constructed.
C. 1870 Becker-Reinhold Rolling Mill operated on the lower part of the creek.
1873 Pennsylvania's first state fish hatchery is located on the headwaters of the Donegal Creek. Operations continue until the early 1880's. Pacific salmon, Atlantic salmon, shad, smallmouth bass, trout and carp were all hatched, raised and stocked.
1877 Senator Simon Cameron retires to his estate along the headwaters of the Donegal Creek.
1883 Senator Cameron purchases the former state fish hatchery. Today the Cameron Estate is a fine restaurant and inn. Read more...
1946 Florin Anglers begin operating a commercial hatchery on the grounds of the Donegal Mills Plantation. Operations continued until the early 1980's.

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